Renovating your pool is a decision that needs to be made sooner or later especially with aging pools. Turn your not-so-pleasing-to-look-at pool into the marvelous pool you have always dreamed of. After all it is the area of your property that should be most relaxing and comfortable.renovation1

Shown here are a couple renovation projects Raines has performed, transforming tired, broken down pools into modern enjoyable leisure space.


Over time, tile becomes loose, broken and pops off the pool walls, as shown above. The major contributing factors to tile wear are age of the pool, and water freeze damage. When it is time to re-tile the swimming pool, there are a variety of choices available to achieve the look and atmosphere of your swimming pool environment.


Give your worn tile a face lift. These are just a few samplings of the beautiful look you can achieve with new tile.



Decking is ideally comfortable to walk on and pleasing to the eye. The deck should also portray the character of the owner and their style. It locks in the pool design as a whole. Shown here is the technology of concrete, known as, stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is available in numerour colors and patterns to fit everyone's style.


Coping stones are used to connect the edge of the swimming pool to the deck. Over time, the stones can become loose or broken.


The traditional coping that is installed is bull nose coping as shown above in terracotta red.

coping3Coping may be ordered in a variety of colors and styles. Here is a brief view of the most popular colors chosen. Customize the accent of coping to suit your taste. The various combinations of coping styles and colors should be a consideration to beauty and functionality.

Using quartz, one of the world's hardest minerals, 3M&trad;Colorquarts&trad; Ceramic-Coated Crystals are a melding of nature and technology using quartz, one of the world's hardest minerals.

A ceramic coat is bonded to each piece of quartz. The ceramic coat contains inorganic pigments that give each crystal a brilliant color. This combination creates a crystal that is both tough and beautiful. Its color resists bleeding or fading even when exposed to harsh sunlight strong pool chemicals and acid washings.

As a durable element that is dispersed throughout your pool's finish, it will withstand chemical wear and mechanical abrasion. The crystals have been used in pool finishes for years, and the color still looks brilliant.


In developing, Diamond Brite SGM made ease of maintenance a top priority. The impervious quartz used in Diamond Brite resists stains and etching caused by harsh pool chemicals and environmental conditions.


Additionally, the accent colors in Diamond Brite give the surface a variegate appearance masking the slight imperfections that are readily apparent in traditional plaster finishes.